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"Live your life to the fullest."

I started flying in 2001 and soon after I was hooked. In 2005, I took part in my first competition in Brazil and I haven’t stopped since. In 2010, I competed in the PWC in Portugal and in 2014 I qualified for my first Superfinal in Turkey.

My big goal in flying is to travel, make friends and get to know the world. My favourite flying sites in the world are Governador Valadares (Brazil), Krushevo (Macedonia) and Roldanillo (Colombia). My best flight was crossing a part of Brazil and flying 347 km in a new place that I didn't even know of. To fly that kind of distance without being in the Brazilian interior is a gift from heaven. 
André Becker
André Becker
André Becker
André Becker
André Becker


André Becker

Lucky shorts

After many years I had to discard my lucky shorts. I think I used them for about 10 years.

André Becker

I always forget something

I always forget something and then remember it on take-off, especially when it comes to charging the radio battery.

André Becker

Being with friends

I feel relaxed when I am on take-off with my friends.

André Becker

I´ve always liked it when...

I've always liked it when a race day is cancelled so I can have a barbecue. They never put me on the safety committee, ha ha ha.

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