Artik 6

Artik 6

A revolution in the EN C class
An experience of flight without equal, thanks to the use of the lastest Niviuk innovations.

Prioritising your safety 
Increased damping and stability keep the glider steady during the different phases of flight, even in turbulent conditions.

Top flight handling
An agile and intuitive wing guarantees fun in every flight.
Artik 6
Artik 6


Artik 6
Prepare to do some serious kilometres on a high-performance wing with excellent glide. The Artik 6 features outstanding damping which guarantees stability and comfort.

Its excellent thermal efficiency will really impress. Its high speed will take you to the top in the sport category.
Artik 6
Non-stop performance
- Thanks to an improved profile and a more rigid and efficient leading edge, the Artik 6 has higher speed and climbs faster in thermals, compared to its predecessor.
Artik 6
Intuitive handling
- A docile wing that is easy to fly. Easy to anticipate any required responses.
Artik 6
Unprecedented stability
- A three-liner for more balance across its wingspan. This provides the greatest possible stability when applying big ears.
- A moderate aspect ratio benefits the wing in terms of solidity and uniformity, making it more compact.
Artik 6
New C2B system
- Manoeuvrability has been improved with the new C2B system that is integrated into the risers, and which allows the wing to be flown as if it were a two-liner. The C2B system allows direct input to the aerofoil without deforming it, making handling much more precise, efficient and responsive during glides.

Niviuk Technologies

Artik 6

The perfect finish

Sewing precision ensures a much cleaner finish to avoid creases and minimise drag.

Artik 6

The leading edge

The diameter of the Nitinol rods is smaller, which makes the  leading edge more solid during flight. As a result, the wing is much easier to pack without worrying about bending the rods.

Artik 6

New profile and internal structure based on the X-One

A new aerofoil better able to generate lift. Thanks to our research results in computational fluid dynamics simulation we promise to produce the best wings we can.

Artik 6

Improved line distribution

An optimised three-liner which minimises parasitic drag, compared to other hybrid models.

Artik 6

C2B system

New risers featuring an optimised C2B system for greater efficiency when flying with speed-bar applied.

Artik 6

Optimised attachement points

New arrangement of attachment points to improve the force distribution and increase the solidity of the wing.