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New Zealander

"Dream big and don’t give up."

Brooke's flying started on the humble yet beautiful coastal sites of South Australia. Playing in laminar air provided the perfect environment for learning glider control and waggas style flying, and it wasn't long before he moved up to flying cross country competitions around Australia. 

In 2013 he made his first trip to Organyà, realising his dreams of becoming an acro pilot. After three seasons, he started competing in the World Cup comps in Europe, including coming 17th in the Acro Paragliding World Championships on a glider he helped trim and design (2016/Annecy). 

Over the past few years, Brooke has worked as a Paramotor instructor and display pilot in Dubai, and more recently, a commercial tandem pilot and operations manager for a tandem company in New Zealand. He dreams of one day soon getting back to Europe to explore the fantastic Cross Country and Acro potential of the Alps.
Brooke Whatnall
Brooke Whatnall
Brooke Whatnall
Brooke Whatnall
Brooke Whatnall


Brooke Whatnall

Happiest place on earth

Happiest place on earth is Organyà antennas during restitution.

Brooke Whatnall

Top place I want to fly

Top place I want to fly would be the Canary Islands, Spain.

Brooke Whatnall

In my spare time

I'm a techno dj/producer in my spare time.

Brooke Whatnall

My mum

My mum is a kick ass helicopter pilot, and gave me the flying bug from an early age.

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