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Acro, Hike & Fly, Cross, Tandem



"I particularly appreciate the social contact and sharing experiences with people".

I started paragliding in 2004 and quickly focused on Acro training. I have been competing in Acro World Cups since 2012 and I reached the top 6 in 2015. Then I started Cross Country and Hike and fly and nowadays I consider myself a multi-skilled pilot. Since 2020, I work as a tandem pilot and flight instructor. 
David Geiser
David Geiser
David Geiser
David Geiser
David Geiser


David Geiser

Outdoor sports

I like all outdoor sports: running, kitesurfing, climbing, skydiving, skiing...

David Geiser

Previous job

I worked as a mechanical engineer before becoming a pro pilot.

David Geiser


I can do up to 25 acro flights in one day.

David Geiser

Favourite food

I eat a lot of cheese!

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