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“Fly now, work later”.

My passion for flying started with kitesurfing when I was fifteen. Later I started snowkiting and it was then that I first thought about getting into paragliding. My first flight was in 2017 and I haven’t stopped since. I am completely hooked. My main focus and interests are hike & fly (I have been competing in this for the last two years) and vol-biv. 

From 2022, I have been part of Team X1X. Our aim is to progress together and to cultivate a genuine team spirit in a sport that is quite individual. For me, it's a real opportunity to learn from my teammates, as well as from our coach Maxime Bellemin. 

My goal for the next few years is to improve in hike & fly races and to enter my first national competitions. I also plan to do vol-biv with friends in the Alps, one of my great passions!

Jean de Biolley
Jean de Biolley
Jean de Biolley
Jean de Biolley
Jean de Biolley


Jean de Biolley

The spirit of adventure

I love having adventures, competing in hike & fly and flying with friends.

Jean de Biolley

Sharing flights

One of my best memories in the air was with my flying buddy Imbaud. We were both on take-off, I had just landed from a good XC flight and he was with his tandem glider without a harness for his passenger. The only option was the fly down together on his tandem. We caught the last thermal of the day and climbed to 3000 m. It was the first time we had flown together and it was epic. I had a lot of fun as a passenger, and I was even in charge of the landing. 

Jean de Biolley

Amazing places

For me, an unforgettable memory was when I did hike & fly with my girlfriend in the Italian Dolomites. That place is incredible! 

Jean de Biolley

Early bird

I was captivated by the vol-biv adventure I did in the Massif des Bornes, especially a sunrise flight from Le Grand Bornand.

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