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"I'm always looking for the next paragliding adventure, whether it's flying big XC, going for a vol-biv, or just flying around the beach with some friends, paragliding is the best kind of adventure there is!"

I started paragliding in Australia in March 2019 and I've been paragliding back and forth between Australia and Canada ever since.

I'm so grateful for having recently entered into the sport with all of the latest and safest gliders. My first glider was the Hook 5, then I stepped up to the Ikuma 2, and now I'm currently flying the new Artik 6.

The reason why I love to paraglide is because of the sense of adventure it brings and because of all of the friends I make along the way. I was fortunate to have Shane Gingell as my first instructor in Australia and Jim Orava and Corinne Stoltz as my instructors in Canada who were all outstanding instructors and who reminded me again and again about the importance of safety in this extreme sport.

Now, I'm still trying to be the safest pilot I can be while flying as far as I possibly can, or stuffing my tent in the back of my harness and camping out in the mountains for several days at a time. One of my biggest goals I would like to accomplish is to have a flight of 12 hours or longer, nothing beats the sense of accomplishment from safely landing after a really long flight.
Jonathan Klimow
Jonathan Klimow
Jonathan Klimow
Jonathan Klimow
Jonathan Klimow


Jonathan Klimow

I would like to live...

I'm Canadian but I can't stand the cold, I just want to go live on a beach somewhere!

Jonathan Klimow

Favourite food

My favourite food is pizza!

Jonathan Klimow

Other languages

I speak a little bit of French.

Jonathan Klimow

The most important thing

My friends and family are the most important things in my life.

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