Date of birth


Place of birth

Caracas, Venezuela


Paragliding and Paramotor




French-Venezuelan living in Mexico

"In order to describe myself in a single sentence, I would have to do a survey and see how the people around me would define me".

I have been a sportsman and adventurer since I was a child. I started paragliding in 1993 at the Vuelo Libre SOARING flying school in Venezuela and in 1995 I moved to Monterrey (Mexico), where I continued to practice the sport at the Fly Adventure school. In addition to paragliding, over the years I have learned different types of air sports: paramotoring, hang-gliding, parachuting, BASE jumping, wingsuit and hot air ballooning, among others. 

I had the opportunity to be the first pilot to represent Mexico in a paragliding world championship, in Castejón de Sos (Spain) in 1997. Since then and until 2014, I participated in several world championships, the PWC, competitions, opens, festivals, exhibitions and aerobatic events. I still practice all the above-mentioned air sports professionally, and I love to combine them with all the adventures I plan over time. 
José Henrique Herrera - Fabul
José Henrique Herrera - Fabul
José Henrique Herrera - Fabul
José Henrique Herrera - Fabul
José Henrique Herrera - Fabul


José Henrique Herrera - Fabul

Passion for cooking

I love to cook and eat tasty food.

José Henrique Herrera - Fabul

Feel the rhythm

I love a party, I like dancing a lot, especially to Latin music.

José Henrique Herrera - Fabul

Activism and solidarity

Even if I am not asked to do so, I always like to do my bit to improve of society and ensure safety for all. 

José Henrique Herrera - Fabul

Always looking forward

I always want to continue learning and training in all aspects of life.

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