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"I am a sport enthusiast, I love nature and sharing moments with friends. I love paragliding for the sensation of freedom it gives you."

I am an adventurer, I love nature and I grew up climbing and skiing. I got on about 20 mountaineering expeditions all over the world, mainly to conquer unknown summits or for first-time ascents.

I love difficulties and risk-management whether as part of my guiding activity or as part of my personal sport achievements. I have been flying for 7 years and I am now a paragliding instructor.
Julien Dusserre
Julien Dusserre
Julien Dusserre
Julien Dusserre
Julien Dusserre


Julien Dusserre


In 2008 one of my mountaineering dream came true as I ascended the Cerro Torre, a famous summit in Argentina, climbing the Ferrari route. In 2009 I spent New Year’s Eve on top of Fitz Roy, climbing the Franco-Argentinean route. One month before I climbed the highest summit of the Americas, the Aconcagua, with a friend, by the Polish Glacier route in a single day. This was certainly the most beautiful trip of my life and it is even better when you can share this kind of experience with an incredible friend.

Julien Dusserre


In February 2006 I spent 3 days in the Grandes Jorasses North Face, climbing the Éperon Walker route with 2 friends. We spent 3 days in the shade by -20°C, we had to push it to get to the top by night. The next morning, the sunrise felt like a rebirth. Because we didn’t have our Skin, it took us 8h to climb down the classic route with huge backpacks.

Julien Dusserre

My longest flight

I did my longest flight in the Alps from St-André-Les-Alpes. That’s an amazing feeling to see the countryside flying back beneath your feet, then to get a glimpse at Mont-Blanc and see it becoming bigger and bigger until you land at its base after a 7-hour flight and a distance of 249 km.

Julien Dusserre


I started to climb in Céüse near Gap when I was 7. I regularly visited this place over the past 30 years. Climbers get to the cliff after an hour long hike. Climbing this amazing and world famous cliff was a great way to develop my physical and mental skills. I used to climb there around 50 times per year, I have a special connection with this place. That was a great school for my climbing, mountaineering and paragliding career… Nowadays I go there with my glider, I climb a few nice lines and get back down in the evening enjoying incredible views.

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