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"Humble, discreet and curious, I am always keen on exploring new things, always in a good mood."

Professional firefighter in Strasbourg, I live in the Alsace wine route area and I have been flying paramotor from the past 10 years.

On my 1st or 2nd year of practice, I started speed riding, then I tried paragliding, both disciplines helped me to improve my skills. Then I gave a try to slalom competitions and I really enjoyed it. The following year I was selected to join the French paramotor team. I have since stopped slalom competition to focus on classic competition.

I am a smiling person, always in a good mood. I am looking first and foremost to have fun and being in the present moment in all my activities. I put everything in perspective and try to ignore any issue which is not a real problem.
If I have a bad feeling about paragliding, speed riding or paramotoring, I merely don’t go. Life is a precious thing and I want to stay alive to experience the most of the beautiful things it has to offer.

I am happy to have been included in the Kougar 3 introducing video. We had such amazing conditions and we were able to show what flying paramotor is really about.

I am proud to have been to the Paramotor Slalom World Cup and to have finished 2nd with the FR1 team in the relay event. I am happy when my son asks me to go paramotor flying. I love it since he is 3 years old.
Julien Meyer
Julien Meyer
Julien Meyer
Julien Meyer
Julien Meyer


Julien Meyer

A totally different perception of the activity and life

I had a major paramotor accident in 2017. I stayed 6 months at the hospital including 2 months in bed. After some times in a wheelchair, I learnt to walk again. Then I went back to flying but with a totally different perception of the activity and life.

Julien Meyer


Once I was able to walk again, I put myself into hiking with the objective to cross the Vosges (without a glider), unsupported. That was a success. I now want to cross all the mountain ranges of France (but maybe with a glider this time).

Julien Meyer

I regularly go to work by the air

When the weather allows it, I regularly go to work by the air, using my paramotor. This is such a great feeling to fly above the traffic jam. I am so lucky the fire station I worked at is located in an area where flying is allowed.

Julien Meyer

The beginning

When I started paragliding at the Dune du Pyla, I was scared to take-off from the top. Instead I went down to do some ground handling and slowly made my way to the top with the glider above my head. I ended up flying!

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