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"I love people."

I was born in Switzerland in a small rural village in the region of Neuchâtel. I have two brothers and one sister. I have been with my wife Regina since 2010, we are married and last year we had our first child named Ezekiel. My first profession was network electrician.

I have always liked to practise wind sports. I started with windsurfing when I was 14 years old, then I did kite, climbing... and a little bit of everything I had the opportunity to try.
It is thanks to my older brother (Michael) that I started paragliding. He was an instructor just like me now at the "" school. He used to land at home in the garden. This made me dream.

At the beginning, paragliding was something that seemed inaccessible to me. But one day, he invited me and my wife to come for a weekend of initiation.
I then discovered what has become, for me, one of my greatest passions!

Mael Porret
Mael Porret
Mael Porret
Mael Porret
Mael Porret


Mael Porret


I play in a folk metal band called Morgarten, we will soon release a new CD "Cry of the lost".

Mael Porret

Without a beard

If I cut off my beard, I will have to deal with my wife, because without a beard I look too much like my mother apparently.

Mael Porret


I'm a spelling buff.

Mael Porret

I believe that...

Food is life!

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