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Place of birth

Boulder, Colorado




Hike & Fly



"I am motivated and driven to explore beautiful places around the world, go on big adventures, and capture the beauty through photography."

I am an athlete and travel photographer, and work all over the world shooting nature/wildlife photos as well as adventure photographs. Paragliding has been a passion of mine for years because of the beauty you experience while flying, and also the fact that I can hike big mountains and fly off the summit, combining multiple sports into one amazing experience.

There's no greater feeling than flying, and paragliding has taken me to some of the most beautiful places on earth.
Max Seigal
Max Seigal
Max Seigal
Max Seigal
Max Seigal


Max Seigal

Favorite flying place

My favorite PG spot in the world is Pokhara, Nepal because of the beauty of the mountains and the relaxed way of living.

Max Seigal

Overcoming fears

I am very scared of heights, and every time I paraglide I am constantly reminded of my fears (and I am always fighting to overcome them in my head).

Max Seigal

The reason

I don't like hiking down hill (which is why I started paragliding in the first place).

Max Seigal

Memorable flights

While a big XC day is always amazing, some of my most memorable flights are beautiful sledders on calm mornings after a long hike to a mountain summit or at sunset with beautiful mountain views.

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