The name Niviuk is derived from the inuit term “Niviuk Naktuk” which means “the desire of being close to something small which inspires tenderness”.
At Niviuk we express that meaning through the care and attention we give to small details to create big things.

Paying attention to small details has led us to where we are today, an established and major leading brand producing a wide range of new and innovative products with success based on perseverance and rigour.

Our business philosophy drives us to innovate, research and develop high quality products. And our constant discovery of new technical innovations will ensure that our pilots continue to have the highest level of performance and accessibility, as well as the highest commitment of safety and comfort.
ORIGINS https://www.niviuk.com/ https://www.niviuk.com//legal/3
TEAM https://www.niviuk.com/ https://www.niviuk.com//legal/3
PILOTS https://www.niviuk.com/ https://www.niviuk.com//legal/3
DREAM https://www.niviuk.com/ https://www.niviuk.com//legal/3
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