Peak 5

Peak 5

Top performance 
A two-liner designed to offer high performance, to satisfy the most demanding pilots and get great results in competitions.
Unprecedented accessibility 
The EN D with the most smooth and direct handling in its class. Maximum control and efficiency in all phases of flight.
More comfort 

Not only will you exceed your limits, you will also enjoy doing so. Fly long distances with maximum comfort.
Peak 5
Peak 5


Peak 5
Fly long distances whilst enjoying maximum comfort and quality of flight.

Get the best out of competitions with a glider that will allow you to always be ahead of the pack.
Peak 5
Accessible and fun flying
- Unprecedented accessibility in its category.
- Easy B-riser steering thanks to the new Ergo risers.
- Great comfort in flight.
Peak 5
Efficiency and control
- The wing enters thermals efficiently and climbs extremely well.
- Absolute pitch and roll stability (including at top speed).
- During glides you can perceive the movements of the air more easily and utilise any lift more efficiently.
Peak 5
Confidence during all phases of flight
- Due to the high stability of the wing, the glider transmits a feeling of safety and the pilot can concentrate on piloting without the need to reduce the speed.
- The risk of collapse is easy to control, as it is easy to predict when the wing may fold and this can be avoided by gently pulling the B-risers.
Peak 5
High performance
- A new and improved wing twist has minimised drag and improved glide and speed.
- A profile that uses the movements of the air as a source of energy, attacks and scales the different air masses and takes advantage of inertia to improve glide and increase performance.
- Greater speed in flight without the need to accelerate and without compromising the ease of take off or the ability to retain speed when landing.

Niviuk Technologies

Peak 5

The perfect finish

The application of 3DL technology ensures a cleaner leading edge, while SLE technology together with Nitinol rods ensures greater stability and maintenance of the profile shape.

Peak 5

Optimised internal structure

A complete redesign of the internal structure in order to achieve a more solid and compact glider.

Peak 5

New Ergo handles

Additional handles that permit more efficient and comfortable piloting, and which allow efficient B-riser steering.

Peak 5

Increased number of cells

The new Peak 5 offers a cleaner, more aerodynamic wing with a new 85 cell design (+10 compared to the Peak 4).

Peak 5

New tensioning system

The application of the same 3DP technology-based tensioning system used in the Icepeak Evox results in a much cleaner profile and leading edge, without creases or vibrations and with perfect fabric tensioning.

Peak 5

New wing twist

Optimisation of the orientation of each profile to the air flow. Together with STE and DRS technologies, drag is minimised and glide is improved in all flight conditions.