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"Nothing ventured, nothing gained!"

I started paragliding at the age of 14, after years of begging my parents to let me do it, as they don't fly. All my life I have lived next to one of the best flying sites in Belgium, so I have always been fascinated by all aerial disciplines - kitesurfing, hot air ballooning, paragliding... Even paper aeroplanes! 

To increase the hours I spend in the air, I have dedicated my whole life to paragliding: I have become an instructor, a dealer, an event organiser, a competitor and a tandem pilot. I think the only way to improve is to practise as much as possible. For me, all flights are interesting: a short glide, a 200 km flight, a tandem or an acro flight... That's why I never say no to flying. 

I have been on several podiums in national competitions, being Belgian champion in 2019 (and 2020). I have been a member of the Belgian national team since 2018, participating in FAI 1 championships and PWCs, and I also compete in hike & fly competition, taking part in competitions such as the X-Pyr and the Airtour du Mont Blanc. I am also part of Team X1X, where the motto "sharing is caring" makes perfect sense. Flying, progressing, encouraging each other, discussing or simply enjoying a good meal... All these things are better with a group of people. This is the main reason I am so taken with the idea of this team.

Thibault Voglet
Thibault Voglet
Thibault Voglet
Thibault Voglet
Thibault Voglet


Thibault Voglet


Flying was a given for me from an early age. That is why all my energy is now directed towards this passion.

Thibault Voglet

2019: Belgian Champion

I started well in the competition, winning all the tasks in the Belgian classification, but on the penultimate day I made a big mistake that cost me the ranking I had achieved during the previous tasks. Before the last start, the tension was palpable. I did a "controlled" task, and during the final glide I was able to take some risks that allowed me to win. I will never forget that moment of relaxation... After a week of hard work and some stressful moments, it was an incredible release. 

Thibault Voglet

Peace and tranquility

A similar emotion came over me when I did the 110 km task at the PWC in Turkey 2021. I managed to reach the finish line with 30 metres to spare after an intense final glide. On landing, I shouted with joy. That feeling of freedom when you land after a very intense flight is unforgettable. These are the greatest moments of peace I have ever experienced - you can finally breathe and relax. 

Thibault Voglet

Carpe diem

We don't know what the future will bring, so we just have to enjoy the present and make the most of every possible moment of happiness.

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