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"Love and respect human beings and life".

I was first into mountaineering before getting into paragliding in 1988. I love XC, mountain flights and competition. I spent a lot of time with Thierry Barboux and Pierre Bouilloux who taught me about the free flying vision where freedom and pleasure come with humility and discipline.

I love being airborne, it helps me to feel good in my life (combining family and professional life). This fragile balance brings me completeness and serenity. I feel I can be myself, being open and respectful with people around me… This is part of being happy to be alive and sharing special moments.
Vincent Sprungli
Vincent Sprungli
Vincent Sprungli
Vincent Sprungli
Vincent Sprungli


Vincent Sprungli

FAI triangle

A 153km FAI triangle with Pierre Bouilloux.

Vincent Sprungli

A good memory

The crossing of Mont-Blanc mountaineering and paragliding.

Vincent Sprungli


Opening some climbing routes in Torres del Paine with Michel Piola in 1992.

Vincent Sprungli

Another achievement

A 279 km distance flight with the French team from Grenoble to Reckingen (Suisse).

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