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"Into the wild".

My name is Xevi Vilaró and I am a visual artist. Art and flying have always gone hand in hand in my life as I have been painting and flying for almost the same amount of time, about 20 years.

As an artist I have had exhibitions at international art fairs like Art Miami (USA), Los Angeles Art Show (USA), MACO (Mexico), SCOPE New York (USA), Moscow, San Francisco Art Fair (USA), SOFA Chicago (USA), etc.
Whenever I travel, I try to take my paraglider with me and take the opportunity to fly in new places. 

I lived in Valle de Bravo (Mexico) for two years. Whilst living there I was preparing an exhibition for a gallery in Mexico City. Valle was important for me both in terms of flying and my art.

At the moment the gallery I am working with is in Los Angeles (USA), and I live in La Cellera de Ter (Catalonia), where I was born.
Xevi Vilaró
Xevi Vilaró
Xevi Vilaró
Xevi Vilaró
Xevi Vilaró


Xevi Vilaró

I crossed Nepal in 15 days doing rafting.

Xevi Vilaró

I love travelling, having adventures around the world and to get to know people.

Xevi Vilaró

I love cycling.

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